About us

Who are we?

Equipment we use

AX recording continues to provide first class audio solutions (recording, dubbing, voice over’s) to companies in different business fields around the Globe. Since its establishment, AX Recording offers audio recording, dubbing of various genres – from TV and film sound tracks to radio commercials; also dubbing for motion pictures to jingles, interactive voice responses (IVR), voice talent and special sound effects, covering all aspects of the audio production and post production process from voice over to complete sound design. Furthermore we are very well experienced in authoring music, besides all this we can offer you translation as well.

Synchro, Mastering & Audio studio

Sony digital surround mix desk
Pro tools HD recording system
Genelec monitoring
Lexicon 960L effect processor
Neuman M 149 tube, U87, Akg C12 and other microphones
Tube Tech amplifiers
Chandler Redd 47 amplifier
Tube Tech Compressor
Chandler Zener Limiter
Pendulum Limiter
Logic Audio System
180m3 studio room
135m3 control room
over 5000 sound effects

Measurement equipment

Tektronix waveform
Tektronix vectorscope
DK audio spectrum analyser,
PPM & phase meter
Dorrough meter