Muller Drogerie

Shopping in muller is always an adventure!


Animation of bobsleigh race inside the human torso. Health is fun!

Angal Summer

A cute monster - a strong ally in fighting sore throats. Even in the summer.

Bosch MUM5

A stylish presentation of stylish household appliances.

G24 Generali

Easy and reliable - online car insurance - just a click away!

Generali Vignette 2015

Real - life comic situations and animation for Vignette 2015.

Danone Obstgarten

Deliscous désert mixed with a good cause = victory!

Radenska Still

Practical solution for hydration at home or on the go.

Urgo Strikancki

A hilarious solution for nail fungus.

Bosch Indukcija

Love at first touch with adjustable induction cooker.

Emmental Cheese from Ljutomer

Tradition of knowledge, skill and quality caught on film.

Ekolostrum Dejan Zavec

Dramatic display of power of man and nature.

Generali Vignette

"No" to excuses, "yes" to discounts!


When even an orange becomes a peach….


Exotic animation for slimmer body. Just remember, the results are real, but you have to remove the the wrap before you digest it.

Language school

A solid proof that knowledge is gold.

Lekadol + C

Airline pilot with a cold? No worries! Famous super hero saves the day.

Zbirajmo Papir

A tribute to a good cause for better future.

Bosch Vario Perfect

Adjustable induction cooker - love at first touch.

NLB Billboard

Just pick whatever you like…and we will put in on film for you.

Danone Activia

Easy way of handling awkward situations in life.

Kilo Off

Click to be fit. And dance.

Merkur Insurances – Disability

Black and white…and some green. Part II.

Tic Tac Exotic Fruits

Animation of exotic adventure.

Merkur Insurances – Annuity

Black and white..and some green.


How to change shape? In film, we use computers for that. In real life? Well…

ACAI Detoxan

Vivid colors and nice shapes. Yummy!


Faster than the speed of light and pain. Famous super hero saves the day once more.

Casino Kongo

Spinning fun for all generations.


Healthy decisions from experts. Animation and film.

Spar Bakery

So good you can almost smell it!

Spar Vitamins

Talking fruit and vegetables. Yay!


A hilarious inside view.

Spar Toys

A trip around a toy town. It was fun!

Costella Jogging

When joggers and bears work hand in paw!

Fresh & Clean

For those who like it fresh&clean…

Casino Portorož

Adrenalin rush up close.


Modern family life style - all inclusive.

Jogi Shop

Family of "jogis". Buying mattresses. Bouncy fun for everyone.

Portorož Open

Silhouettes and rotating tennis balls. Invitation to Portorož open.

Piran Ice Creams

When fast motion is barely fast enough.


Like shampoo only better!

Gengigel At the Dentist

International appointment at the dentist's.

Costella Flavours

Delicious shooting. Bottom's up!

Spar Bitey

Action thriller in grocery store!

Gengigel Tooth Fairy

Kids know tooth fairies are real…grown ups bet on different solutions.

Intersport Snowman

Playful snowman and big rotating discounts.


Easy way of handeling awkward situations in life.